Commercial Diving Technologies LLC has been developed by a skilled and dedicated team of working divers and dive supervisors with over a century of combined experience in the commercial diving industry. Our goal is simple: Teach our students the skills they need to find life long employment in the exciting world of deep diving.

We work offshore on oil rigs, oil platforms, wind farms, hyperbaric welding on pipelines underwater at depths up to 1200 feet deep, and salvage. Inshore we work on dams, docks, salvage, nuclear power plants, hydro-electric dams, treatment plants, and more.

Along with a core team of experienced dive supervisors, many of our staff continue to work all over the world, thus keeping contacts and our curriculum up to date to meet industry demands.

Up until now, many newly trained divers were ill-equipped without the essential skills required to carry out even the most basic of underwater tasks that diving contractors require. This results in higher risks for dive contractors employing newly qualified divers from both the health and safety and commercial perspective.

At Commercial Diving Technologies your not just a number. You will be part of a close knit fraternity of exceptionally well trained professional divers.




With limited class size, Commercial Diving Technologies has one of the highest instructor to student ratios in the industry. Providing unmatched attention to individual commercial diver training with customized dive training programs so that you only learn what you need to learn to be competitive. We offer:


Our goal is to ensure our graduates are the most highly recognized in the industry. Dive contractors know that we train to a real life standards and only accept the best candidates for training.

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